Quotes from my patients….

The following quotes are all used with permission.

A 34 year old Women: Treated for depression.

“Allan helped me more in six sessions than the last three years of therapy did. He is warm, direct, efficient and highly skilled.

I would recommend him to anyone.”

A couple: Divorcing.

“When we met Allan we were going to divorce. After talking to him, he introduced us to skills and knowledge of human psychology that have healed the damage, and improved our marriage dramatically.

We met him through a Gay couple who are friends of ours who speak of him often.

We are so grateful to him, and always recommend him to friends.”

A trauma victim. Age 38.

“Allan helped me to change my life after using EMDR to deal with a childhood trauma which had totally ruined my life. I am quite well now, recently married and about to become a Father.

I cannot recommend Allan highly enough!”







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